We’ve told you how the maniacal trifecta of the American Legislative Exchange Council, Heritage Foundation, and Protect My Check are collaborating to take away the rights of workers in your cities and municipalities.

Individual cities and towns in Kentucky appear to be the testing ground to pass harmful legislation like Right to Work. Eleven Kentucky counties have passed local Right to Work ordinances since last year, with Warren County the first in the nation to do so. In addition, Simpson, Fulton, Todd, Hardin and Cumberland have all passed ordinances. In Kentucky, the city-to-city strategy is in play after Right to Work legislation didn’t pass a House committee.

A lawsuit has been filed in Kentucky to stop these atrocious attempts on the part of big businesses to make it an uneven playing field for workers.

Our enemies have a simple strategy and that’s to introduce Right to Work laws in municipalities and cities instead of in statehouses because they think it will be harder for labor unions to fight and organize to thwart negative attacks.

What’s worse, supporters of these laws are duplicitous in how they market it to citizens.

In Bowling Green, KY Right to Work was advertised in advance as an ordinance relating to the promotion of “economic development and commerce” — with little to no public comment. Right to Work is a race to the bottom for workers everywhere and their wages.

Stay vigilant about the laws coming to your city and protect your rights against these evil groups!!