This AFL-CIO blog got our attention about NASA fire fighters and paramedics working to save their pensions and wages.

NASA first responders — who protect the Kennedy Space Center in Florida — are at odds with security giant G4S, which is demanding that fire fighters, paramedics and inspectors take a 20 percent cut in wages and retirement benefits.

G4S became an international joke before the London Olympics when its chief executive Nick Buckles admitted before the British Parliament that his company couldn’t meet security staffing needs just two weeks before the sporting events began. The British government outsourced some security detail to G4S.

The Transport Workers have set up a web site called Support NASA Fire Fighters and are urging supporters to sign a letter urging Florida lawmakers to support space center first responders.

The NASA fire fighters may not belong to the IAFF, but they are fighting the same battles.

Fire fighters deserve respect and to earn a decent wage and pension.