Allen Park, Michigan is proposing to lay off its entire fire department by June citing budgetary concerns, even though fire fighters have agreed to nearly $1 million in concessions. However, some Allen Park residents question if the dismissal of fire fighters is a thinly disguised attempt at union busting.

The city says it needs to close a $600,000 budget gap for the current fiscal year. Layoff notices have been sent to the 25-person fire department, including the fire chief.

City officials have not announced any new plans for the delivery of fire service protection in Allen Park.

The Detroit News reports that last fall, that members of Local 1410 gave $800,000 in concessions that included overtime limits and eliminating pay raises for promotions.

IAFF members criticized the city’s decision on our social networks Wednesday describing the situation as “deplorable” and “criminal.”

Tell us your thoughts on the situation. Do you think this another way to break unions?