Congress has made it easier for billionaires like the Koch Brothers to use their money to give secret money political groups. The House quietly passed legislation that would protect prominent donors from having to pay gift taxes on large donations.

The legislation allows donors to give money while their identities are shielded and protected from harsh IRS scrutiny.

The Koch Brothers, who spent big in the 2012 presidential elections to put their endorsed candidates in the White House and Congress, are ready to spend a reported $889 million 2016 in efforts to hijack our democracy. In 2012, the billionaire Koch Brothers spent $404 million in the presidential elections. And recently, the billionaire brothers have publicly signaled support for Wisconsin union busting governor Scott Walker — who has been a disaster for his state and would harm America’s middle class if elected to the nation’s top office.

The floodgates have now opened for secret money to enter our democracy to help set up a hierarchy that favors the rich and powerful.

And some of the spenders want to shut out the average American worker.  In statehouses across the country, a well-orchestrated and concerted effort is taking place to silence the voice of workers and weaken unions that believe an equal playing field is needed to help support a thriving democracy.

Let’s stay vigilant and fight against negative legislation that threatens to silence workers everywhere.