In North Carolina, a friend of the Koch Brothers is using his money to influence state policies – and not for the better.

Art Pope, North Carolina’s state budget director, is using his family’s money to push a pro-business agenda in North Carolina.

Keep an eye on Pope as he tries to change the political dialogue in the state to craft the vision he wants. Pope not only is the state budget director, but also serves as a top adviser to Governor Pat McCrory. Pope and his allies have pushed policies to overhaul taxes, social services and voting rights. When other states are seeing economic momentum, North Carolina’s budget has constricted with tax payers seeing less money in their pockets.

Pope used to serve on the board of the Americans for Prosperity, a group backed by the Koch Brothers. He and his family’s foundation have invested more than $55 million to help push North Carolina in the direction he wants it to go.

Our opposition is fierce and well-funded, and still are coming after our members’ rights and benefits.

Stay vigilant.