The Montgomery County Career Firefighter’s Association may find it harder to raise money for the MDA if a proposal banning roadside solicitations is passed.

Montgomery County officials are considering a ban on roadside solicitations after a report was issued expressing safety concerns of some residents and business representatives.

The potential ban makes fire fighters uneasy.

Montgomery County, Maryland (a suburb located outside of Washington, DC) consistently ranks as one of the most affluent counties in the US.

Last year, the Montgomery County Career Firefighter’s Association raised over $200,000 for muscular dystrophy.

Fire fighters say they can’t reach the same fundraising levels inside stores, as they do roadside.

The Washington Post jumped into the fray last week describing the fire fighter fund-raising a worthy cause, but a safety hazard for municipalities.

Seven of 23 counties in Maryland already ban roadside solicitations.

Has your city gone through an experience like this? What do you suggest Montgomery County fire fighters do to fight a ban?