A shooting inside a police precinct in Detroit over the weekend has shocked many in the public safety community. Few details have been released about the incident or what motivated the gunman to go to the precinct.

But the shooting, as well as a story about a man impersonating a fire fighter in a San Francisco fire station earlier this month, is causing some public safety officials to question how to make police and fire stations more secure.

By nature, fire stations are open environments for members of the community to visit and talk to fire fighters.

Of all the professions, fire fighters are the most accessible and visible on any given day in their communities.

IAFF members should be more mindful of their surroundings in light of these recent circumstances. Make sure that all doors and windows to your fire station are secure throughout the day and night.

Most importantly, be aware of the visitors who stop by the fire station – know the day and time of their scheduled arrival. For unscheduled visitors, make sure to have some formal way to greet them when they enter the firehouse and make sure you escort them out of the fire station.

If you have any other safety tips that you can suggest, let us know because we want to make sure that all of you remain safe.