Some IAFF members are emailing their favorite talk shows that they would like to see General President Harold Schaitberger discuss fire fighter pensions.

Last week, the IAFF launched a national public relations campaign to defend its members from the politically motivated attacks on their pensions and other benefits by elected officials.

General President Schaitberger appeared on Ed Schultz’s nationally syndicated radio show and spoke to media outlets including the Wall Street Journal. IAFF members questioned when the IAFF will appear on television networks like Fox News.

In support of the IAFF, some members are sending emails to political commentators like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly.

Jason Hart of Local 92 in Toledo emailed O’Reilly Friday.

Hart wrote, “I am a conservative husband and father of 3, a soldier in the Ohio Army National Guard, and as a fire fighter/paramedic also a member of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF).  I received an email from the IAFF regarding IAFF General President Schaitberger’s appearance on the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC regarding public pension issues.  His stated purpose for appearing on the show is a “media blitz” to explain the “IAFF’s viral video and the print ad that ran in USA Today” that “blasted the politically motivated attacks on fire fighters.”  I, being conservative, as well as a big fan of You, Rush, Beck and Levin (whose podcasts sustained me thru my last military deployment), sent them an email back with incredulity at such a feeble attempt to “go on the attack” as they say.”

We told Hart that the IAFF staff has reached out to political commentators like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly and other Fox journalists, but they have not expressed any interest in discussing this pension issue. Hart decided to email these shows to request they talk to the IAFF.

The IAFF appreciates Hart for following up on this request.

If you want to see the IAFF on these shows, you can make the request by email (email addresses are listed below).

Email Glenn Beck: [email protected]
Email Sean Hannity:
Email Rush Limbaugh:  [email protected]
Email Bill O’Reilly:[email protected]
Email Fox News Watch: [email protected]
Email America’s Newsroom w/ Bill and Martha [email protected]