The Columbus Dispatch posted an interesting story highlighting a strategy that Governor John Kasich might pursue to get his collective bargaining bill passed in Ohio.The newspaper reports that Kasich and his allies are in discussions with the Ohio Ballot Board to present the issue into multiple ballot questions to voters, instead of a simple up or down vote.The Ballot Board (which is controlled by Republicans) will determine how the referendum will appear to voters.

Critics of Governor Kasich say he is trying to break the strong opposition to SB5. Polls indicate the governor could retain a portion of the union busting law if the issue were divided on the ballot.

The Columbus Dispatch story comes on the heels of We Are Ohio’s big announcement last week that it had collected 714,137 signatures. The number caused some opponents to the SB5 legislation to push towards gathering one million signatures.

We Are Ohio said it is ready to file signatures with the Secretary of State’s office next week to get the referendum on the November ballot.