On Monday and Tuesday (April 19 and 20), IAFF instructors delivered the IAFF Fire Ground Survival (FGS) Program as part of FDIC’s Hands-On Training (HOT) program.  The IAFF FGS training course, developed over the last two years, includes sections on Preventing a Mayday, Being Ready for a Mayday, Mayday Procedures, Mayday Skills, and Fire fighters’ Expectations of Command.

The FDIC HOT class was taught by members of the IAFF Fire Ground Survival team.  As an introduction to what the full training program will entail, participants spent 9 hours each day of the class on Mayday procedures and skills fire fighters must be able to perform instinctively to survive.  In full PPE, using props set up at the Pike Township Training Center, participants were taught how best to prevent the onset of panic while performing survival skills, how to perform low and reduced profile techniques and disentanglement techniques, how to rectify SCBA emergencies, how to self-rescue from upper floors, and how best to use the radio to communicate with Command to aid in your own rescue.

Comments by the participants were overwhelmingly positive, most believing it was the most comprehensive and important course they have taken.  All of the IAFF instructors received the highest ratings on the course evaluations, and participants commented that they were the most knowledgeable, professional and skilled instructors they have experienced. The participants said they felt the interaction between the instructors and students provided positive feedback and encouragement which enhanced the learning experience.

Over the next three days, exhibit booths from the IAFF’s Occupational Health, Safety and Medical Division (staffed by IAFF Peer Fitness Trainers (PFT) Instructors and FGS Instructors) and the IAFF’s HazMat and WMD Training Department (staffed by HazMat instructors) will be on display.  Stop by the WFI booth (#5382) to learn more about the IAFF’s Fire Ground Survival Program, our WFI program, as well as our latest PPE research efforts, including the new “flat pack”.  Staff at the HazMat booth (#6013) will be available to provide materials on our latest training programs.