A New York City fire fighter braved 1,000 degree temperatures to rescue a man from an apartment fire.

Peter Demontreux was recognized as New York Daily News Hero of the Month.
Demontreaux, 30, is a nine year veteran with the Fire Department of New York. He responded with Ladder 132 to an apartment fire in Brooklyn in August.

The fire fighter went inside where upstairs on the third floor a man said his friend was trapped inside a unit. The Staten Island native could hear a man screaming.

With zero visibility, Demontreux tells the New York Daily News he could feel the atmosphere getting hotter and hotter.

The fire victim was at the window of the back of the bedroom. Demontreux went to the front window in the apartment where an aerial ladder was located and told another fire fighter how hot it was inside and started to break windows.

It was so hot inside the apartment until Demontreux felt his bunker coat catch fire. The fire fighter went through the kitchen to the back bedroom and saw the man with his upper body out of the window trying to breathe.

Finally Demontreux was able to get to the man and carry him to the front window where he put him on the aerial ladder and was later taken to a local hospital. Fire fighters put water on Demontreux.

He was treated at the burn center at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell for first degree burns on his face and second degree burns located behind his left shoulder.
Demontreux went back to work in October. The fire victim is a 51- year-old man who survived the blaze.

In a time, where budget cuts are threatening the fire fighting profession it is nice to read stories like Demontreux that illustrate how hard fire fighters work to protect citizens in their communities every day. Share stories with the Frontline about the fire hero/sheroes you know.