Colorado Springs, Local 5 is by no means a large local, but each September its members demonstrate that when it comes to playing host to thousands of family members of their fallen brothers and sisters, they punch well above their weight class.

“This is a time of great pride for Local 5,” says Local 5 President Jeremy Kroto. “We are the one local that has the honor of hosting these families each year and we are determined to make sure they have a memorable experience.”

An army of some 150 off-duty Local 5 members are working nonstop over the next three days to make sure those family members who have traveled from across the United States and Canada to honor their fallen have an easy and worry-free trip.

Local 5 members, their wives and driving age children are stationed at the airport with a full fleet cars cars offered for free from Red Nolan Cadillac to whisk the families to their hotels. The local also has meals for the families covered for the weekend.

Today, Local 5 loaded up four buses to take families on a tour of the city’s key landmarks: The Cog Railroad up Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods park and a tour of the nearby U.S. Air Force Academy.

Families will no trouble finding a Local 5 member for assistance, as each is wearing bright lime green golf style shirts.