Our IAFF members have been on the ground in the devastation across the state of Vermont for several days working passionately and heroically, making several rescues in very dangerous swift water and assisting with the relocation of families from cities and towns that have seen unprecedented devastation.

IAFF locals in Hartford, Brattleboro, Montpelier and Rutland City witnessed severe flooding and massive infrastructure damage as Hurricane Irene violently hit Vermont on Sunday. All IAFF Locals in Vermont were impacted with flooding and in some cases their communities were completely isolated with no open roads to enter or leave these areas.

Numerous IAFF members who are assigned to the state’s USAR teams have been the first to reach storm victims in several communities that have been isolated since Sunday.

Matt Vinci, President of the Vermont Professional Fire Fighters of reports that the efforts of our members will continue well into the next week as teams are being deployed across the state.  A team of 40 IAFF members were again deployed this morning to reach out to communities that have been isolated since Sunday.

Over 300 roads and bridges were closed for days after the storm – many completely destroyed. Over 50,000 homes and businesses were without power, many will remain for weeks to come.

Brother Vinci and his members are continuing with damage assessment of IAFF members’ homes.

The IAFF will continue to monitor the efforts in Vermont, as well as the other states impacted by this tragic storm.