If you’ve been following the Koch Brothers and their attempts to push legislation that is harmful to workers and their wages, you may know they are not alone in their efforts to shape politics and policies in their own best interests to the detriment of public workers.

The biggest political fights are happening in state legislatures across the country. In Michigan, for example, how do you think right to work was passed? The effort was well coordinated, organized and financed by the wealthy Devos family. For years, the family bided its time before striking in 2012 to get right to work legislation passed, and helped formulate a political strategy – blitzing the media, crafting talking points to lawmakers (including Governor Rick Snyder who recited points verbatim) and kept protesters away from the Michigan state Capitol.

The Devos family tapped into a reservoir of wealth from donors and businesses outside of Michigan to give millions to push right to work. At least 10 members of the Devos family donated money combining for $2 million for right to work efforts.

Also, the Devos family spent tens of millions of dollars defeating Proposal 2, a ballot initiative that would have given constitutional protection to collective bargaining in Michigan, and strategized to defend the right to work law from possible legal challenge, beating a constitutional amendment to repeal it and plans to protect lawmakers from recall elections.

It has been reported that Michigan lawmakers who were unsure about passing right to work received threats that primary challenges from the Devos political team would happen if they opposed the legislation.

Allies in states including Illinois, Missouri and New Hampshire have reached out to the Devos team in hopes of getting right to work passed in their states.
Don’t let corporate interests and power hungry millionaires and billionaires set this country back and infringe on our rights. Take a stand!