As we watch the Republican presidential primary unfold, it’s a good time to reflect on how these last few years have affected our members.

We’ve lived through the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression that began in 1929 and gripped the United States for over a decade.

And even though some recent signs of a recovery have helped move us forward, the past several years have been agonizing for our members who have been laid off, seen their wages frozen and benefits cut. And even after making concession after concession to their municipalities, our members are still making sacrifices financially to help their communities.

This is a big year. With probably the most important election in decades for our union and our members’ futures approaching, it’s time to draw a line between those who are helping us and those who want to kill our union, eliminate our voice from politics altogether, gut your pay and benefits and destroy your rights in the workplace.

IAFF members must exercise their voices and will to protect what you’ve rightfully earned.

Our core principle in politics has always been to support those who support us, regardless of party affiliation. Tell us how do you define a political friend or foe.