Over the past year we’ve posted stories on our Facebook Fan page updating our members about various budget and legislative threats facing our members.

This week, a story from Hollywood, Florida generated numerous comments from fans upset that pension plans for fire fighters were voted to be reduced.

The decision will increase the retirement age for fire fighters, eliminate cost-of-living adjustments and other financial incentives.

With the anniversary of September 11th just days past, fire fighters and Facebook fans say public officials need to stop vilifying the profession and recognize that these benefits are EARNED and that fire fighters support their communities through charitable efforts and are taxpaying citizens.

Here are some of the comments:

Facebook poster:
“Open season” on civil service workers continues. Yep. We’re the ones that caused this mess. We’re the ones that as little as 5 years ago, the corporate world and other white collar jobs laughed at us for our measly pay and conservative approach to investing for our retirement. While the upper echelon of some of the biggest banks and corporations were throwing lavish parties in exotic locations and hoarding the returns on their investments, fire fighters were dying in structure fires and from heart disease or cancer, police officers were being murdered by the lowest forms of “human existence”, and teachers were educating the millions of kids in this country. Today, fire fighters and police officers are still dying in the line of duty, teachers are overwhelmed by the 24:1, 27:1, or even 36:1 student to teacher ratio, and the poor CEOs, CFOs, etc. are only making millions not billions. Yep. Makes sense to me. Go ahead and cut our salaries and sever our benefits. We only negotiated them in good faith with our civil service employer.”

Facebook poster:
“It’s just a shame the state of things these days. I want so bad the freedom, liberty and prosperity I know we could all happily have. Most everyone in America would be happy to work 40 hours a week, pay taxes, raise a family, follow the laws (constitutional laws that is) their whole lives, retire and have the grandkids over on the weekends. But that thing I just described which is the American dream is being stolen from us bit by bit, piece by piece. If we ALL don’t stand together in unity, stop tolerating government corruption of any kind and lies no matter how small we are going to witness OUR American dream killed before our very eyes by people claiming to be doing what is “best” for us!”

Facebook poster:
“I hope stuff like this got brought up last weekend when politicans all wanted to pat us on the back and say what heroes we are; judge your city councils and county boards by what they do, not what they say.”