Fire fighters were ecstatic to hear that labor groups throughout central Florida plan to withdraw money from banks supported by the Florida Chamber of Commerce today.

Public employees and union members are expected to withdraw their organizational and personal finances estimating $10 million from Bank of America, PNC Bank, Regions Bank, Sun Trust and Wachovia.

The Chamber is funded in part by donations from the banking industry.

This has fire fighters encouraging others to do similar demonstrations in other states where public employees are facing political assault.

Some comments on our Facebook page include:

“Actions and words… Nice.”

“Many others should follow the example. Fight fire with money.”

“Florida shouldn’t be the only ones to do this…. make it NATION WIDE and really hurt their pocket book for messing with our brothers and sisters in Florida.”

“We need more of this. Hit ’em where they will feel it most. Way to go guys.”

The Florida Chamber of Commerce launched an aggressive attack on public employees and public unions this month, including using fake images of fire fighters to lobby legislation that would silence workers’ voice both on the job and in the political process.

If you haven’t already viewed the Florida Professional Firefighters’ ads in response to the Chamber of Commerce political attacks, visit our Fighting Back web site.

And tell us about any new, creative ideas you have for fighting these political attacks.