Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has completed his first 100 days in office.

Local media outlets such as ABC 27 in Madison and NBC affiliate WEAU are marking the governor’s short and controversial stint in office by asking viewers what grade they would give him.

Governor Walker gives himself high marks – a whopping B+.

When asked what his biggest mistake has been as governor, Walker replied not being able to help the Senate move the collective bargaining bill faster after 14 Democratic senators fled the state in hopes of derailing the legislation.

Walker deserves a grade well below an F. He has failed to take in consideration of how most residents in Wisconsin feel about having the right to collectively bargain.

In addition, most Americans believe he is on the wrong side of the collective bargaining debate.

If you don’t like the divisive politics that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has displayed go to this web page to learn how to contact him. He is starting a brown bag lunch series where he is taking questions online.