We’ve started this new blog – one of the ways the IAFF is changing how we communicate with our members. We are also reaching our members through print, the Internet, blast emails and Facebook. Using multiple communication vehicles helps us spread the message more widely and more frequently.

And we aren’t done.

Very soon, the IAFF will offer an online, digital edition of the International Fire Fighter – giving members a choice in how they receive information. As new technologies continue to create more ways to deliver information, our communication efforts must also continue to evolve, and that includes moving the IAFF magazine into the future and beyond just ink on paper.

This union has published the International Fire Fighter since 1918. It has served as the single most important medium for communicating with each and every one of our members about issues affecting fire fighters, the fire service and the IAFF. That won’t stop now. We’re just making it easier for you to receive it.

In addition, we will be holding focus groups – engaging the membership in a discussion about our flagship publication and our entire communications effort. On a more informal level, we invite you to comment here with your thoughts on how this union communicates with you.

Communication is no longer one channel, one URL, one medium, one platform. Whether it’s a web site, blog, digital or print, we are committed to getting information out to you to help protect your health and safety, jobs, benefits and retirement.