If you have two minutes, visit the Movement Challenge web site to support Prince George’s County, MD Local 1619 member Jaimee Joroff. Jaimee ran the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC October 31 as part of the IAFF Burn Foundation Fitness Team. The marathon was one of many races she has run this year for the Movement Challenge, a competition that pays $25,000 to a charity selected by the competitor who accumulates the most points. If she wins, she’ll donate the money to the IAFF Burn Foundation. But Jaimee can only run so many races before the end of the year. Here’s where you can help. If you’ve participated in any timed race or walk in the United States this year, you can help Jaimee accumulate points.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to http://movementchallenge.com
2. Sign up as a runner (Jaimee promises you will recieve NO spam from doing this)
3. In the referral code enter a166965b-4f05-40cd-9a35-f64683872ed0
4. Once you have signed in, enter information for any race you have completed this year.

Haven’t done a race but always wanted to? You can join Jaimee is the Movement Challenge. Follow the steps above, complete a race before the end of 2010 (there are lots of Turkey Trots and Jingle Bell races this time of year!) and enter your results on the web site.

If you haven’t or won’t be doing any races this year, you can still help by signing up as a fan. Click on “Cheer on a Runner” and enter Jaimee’s name.