2012 is a make or break year for America’s middle class.

And the IAFF has tried to emphasize through our Fighting Back campaign how important it is for our members to participate in the political process.

A list of the top 50 super PACs was released recently and some of the biggest spenders are billionaires who are supporting presidential candidates who have been less than friendly to union members.

Why are Super PACs going to be so important this election year?

Before the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010, donors could offer up large contributions, but their money went to issue advocacy groups that had a limited impact on campaigns. This year, political benefactors can write an unlimited amount of checks to Super PACS without the pre-text of hiding behind policy-based campaigns.

And some of the spenders want to shut out the average American worker.  In statehouses across the country, a well-orchestrated and concerted effort is taking place to silence the voice of workers and weaken unions who believe an equal playing field is needed to help support a thriving democracy.

These efforts are being financially supported by many of the same people funding the Super PACs.  If we don’t fight for our rights and protect our political speech – then we can’t expect anyone else will.

Are you ready to stand with us?