Some IAFF members have asked for more information about the layoffs affecting 15 fire fighters in Waukegan, Illinois.

Waukegan, IL Local 473 will hold discussions Wednesday with members of the City Council in hopes to avoid the layoffs. The layoffs would be effective May 14.

Mike Scholle, vice-president of Local 473, was quoted in a local media report that fire fighters will present the city with a plan to include a mix of grant funding and assigning extra duties to fire fighters.

Waukegan Local 473 posted this to the IAFF’s Facebook Page earlier Tuesday.

“This is the third straight year we have been threatened with layoffs. We avoided them with concessions the last two. One of the major problems with the citizens of Waukegan is they are happy with the status quo. Despite our efforts during the last election cycle all incumbents that were running for re-election were re-elected.”