Did you know that April is Pet First Aid Month? The IAFF encourages members to share these tips on how to keep animals safe in their communities.

As we transition from winter to spring, heat stroke is one of the most common problems pets face. Remind people in your community to never to leave a pet in a car — even during short stops.

Open car doors and windows can also be dangerous for a pet. If it gets out, there is a risk of being hit by a vehicle.

Be aware that some flowers can be poisonous to animals.

More tips from the Red Cross will help keep pets healthy and prevents those daring animal rescues.

•             Give pets plenty of exercise
•             Make sure pets have plenty of fresh, cool water
•             Make sure your pet gets a yearly checkup and is up to date on vaccines, especially rabies
•             Get pets spayed or neutered
•             Keep dogs on leashes outside – another animal may be too much temptation
•             Know how to perform CPR and provide basic first aid until veterinary care is available