Many IAFF affiliates effectively use community outreach campaigns to foster relationships with city leaders, local businesses, the media, civic groups and the public – and the IAFF encourages more affiliates to use these kinds of programs to improve their public image and influence how they are perceived by decision makers and the public.

To assist you in these efforts, the IAFF has prepared a sample press release (Word Document)and infographic that can be customized to send to your local media and to citizens about your efforts to promote Halloween safety.

Download the infographic here.

Send the press release (and infographic) to the media as soon as possible. Then, be sure to contact reporters to let them know you are available to discuss tips for ensuring a fun-filled and safe Halloween.

Also, use the suggested Tweets below:
•    This #Halloween, don’t be haunted by fire! Be sure to use LED lights when decorating!
•    Keep little ones safe this #Halloween! Make sure they can see out of costume masks
•    We wish you a safe and happy #Halloween!
•    We wish you a safe and happy #Halloween! Be sure to keep your decorations away from flames and heat
•    On #Halloween, there’s an increased number of fires due to open-flame decorations. Be safe this year – keep decorations away from heat
•    Be extra careful when decorating with dried flowers, cornstalks and crepe paper this #Halloween! We want everyone to be safe and happy.
•    Don’t be haunted by fire this #Halloween! Contact your local fire fighters in any emergency!
•    Avoid a real scare this #Halloween! Make sure to keep flames away from decorations and costumes, and use battery-operated lights where ever possible!

The release and graphic can also be used for posts on social media.

In the coming months, the IAFF will continue to provide more ideas and materials to use in community outreach efforts.