Endicott, NY Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 1280 is outraged over the city’s decision to deny a veteran fire fighter’s request to use sick bank hours to help cover his medical leave.

Dana Stockton has been battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer since January and has used all of his sick time.

Stockton applied for sick time from the city’s sick bank and was denied the use of hours.

Over the years, many Endicott fire fighters have donated hours to help cover emergencies. They say it is the first time ever that a fire fighter has been denied sick bank hours in the city.

City officials say they denied Stockton’s request because of “abused sick time.”

Local 1280 president Paul Higgins says the city’s explanation doesn’t hold up, describing the data used to deny the request as grotesque and hypocritical.

Stockton called in sick 27 times over a six-year period, on average 5.5 times a year. This is less than half the contractual standard of abuse (12 occurrences a year.) Furthermore, there is no record of abuse regarding Stockton.

The mayor says Stockton would never be able to pay back the time.

Endicott fire fighters are calling Stockton’s situation an injustice.