The political silly season is in full force.

Elected officials who are anti-labor friendly seem hell-bent on muddling the political message as the November elections near.

Take California Congressman Darrell Issa for example.

Issa, who is reportedly the richest member of Congress, launched a website called “Protecting Our Workers” last week.  On the surface, the website seems labor friendly featuring the quotes and images of working class supporters such as Robert F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  However, on further examination the website is highly anti-labor criticizing unions for dues collection and features workers expressing negative views of their unions.

Issa isn’t stopping there.

For the past week, Issa has been sending tweets dwelling on how unions use their dues and most offensively he’s using the hashtags that symbolize solidarity among labor groups like #1u.

What’s the big deal?

This speaks to a larger, disturbing issue of extremist politicians doing everything they can to undermine workers. Anti-worker politicians are using propaganda to promote their false narrative that unions are trying to silence workers.

We keep telling you that this year’s election is a make or break for the middle class. And our members have to be hyper-aware of the political trickery that’s happening around them and dig beyond the smoke and mirrors and call out the lawmakers who use doublespeak to confuse issues using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

As far as Issa, his political tricks look desperate, but aren’t surprising. Last fall, he made headlines saying the federal government shouldn’t intervene in trying to save the jobs of thousands of teachers.

So it looks like he and his buddy, Mitt Romney (who he endorsed for presidenthave something in common.

Both men don’t respect workers and you can’t depend on them to stand up for you when it really counts!