We are keeping an eye on our political opponents and wanted to share an update with you on the business dealings of the Koch brothers.

The billionaire Koch brothers who tried to buy the 2012 presidential elections to help further anti-worker legislation are reportedly trying to acquire assets of the Tribune Company.

Charles and David Koch, two of the world’s richest men, are rumored to have interest in the Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. Other Tribune assets the brothers have expressed interest in owning are 23 television stations and a national cable network WGN America.

The Koch Brothers spent at least $200 million to influence the outcome of last year’s presidential election. The money was steered to ultra-conservative and extreme tea party groups to further policies that hurt workers.

Two years ago, the Koch Brothers were major players and contributors to Wisconsin’s Scott Walker’s move to strip workers of their collective bargaining rights.

In addition, the Koch Brothers are supporters of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization that thrives on crafting anti-worker, anti-union legislation including recent efforts to weaken wages and work place standards designed to protect the economic security of workers.

The IAFF will continue to be on guard and watch the actions of our political opponents and continue to fight legislation that is harmful to our members.