As we pace the floor waiting for the next SAFER application period to open up, I wanted to share with you an excellent document brought to my attention by Director Kasinitz in our GA Department. I am frequently asked if there is a good resource for folks who are brand new to writing grants and do not know where to begin. While there are plenty of guidebooks and “grant help for dummies” type books on the market and plenty of companies offering grant classes at $500-$1000k a pop, this resource combines the best of both by offering general information on how and where to find grants and what to include in your appllication. It also does a nice job summarizing the federal grant process as well as grants from private foundations.   It also offers a ton of additional websites and resources on everything from budgets and standard federal grant forms, to websites that offer sample grant narratives and grant-writing tools.

Last week, IAFF added a new section to its website devoted to my favorite subject-Grant Assistance! Be sure to check it out under Programs & Services. Over time we’ll be adding additional grant resources for you, including the latest information on SAFER and the rest of the Fire Act grants. Enjoy!

Congressional Research Service Guide to Writing Grants.pdf (970.46 kb)