IAFF 2013 International Burn Camp

Day Three

Burn campers visited the White House on Wednesday and posed for group photosThey rounded out the day by taking a tour of Capitol Hill and by taking a boat ride in Anne Arundel County,MD.

Fun times at camp!


Day Two

Old Guard

Two burn campers interact with members of the U.S. Army 3rd Regiment Precision Drill Team, part of the Old Guard, stationed at Joint Base Ft. Myer-Henderson Hall. For more than 10 years, the members of Fort Myer, VA Local F-253 have hosted this activity in support of the IAFF International Burn Camp, with support from base commanders and the chief of public safety.

Burn campers visit the Iwo Jima Memorial




Day One

Opening Ceremony

Young burn survivors at the opening ceremony Sunday, September 21 of the IAFF 2013 International Burn Camp at Arlington County, VA Station 5. Campers Clayton Ross of North Carolina and Patrick Butner of Tennessee describe their camp experience so far as “fantastic food, exciting, and awesome.”

They say the opening ceremony at Arlington was uplifting and got them hyped for the rest of the week!

Burn campers also attended a Washington Nationals baseball game on their first day of camp.

Getting Ready for the  18th Annual International Burn Camp

Child Burn Survivors Learn to Heal and Thrive With Help of Fire Fighters at the IAFF International Burn Camp

More than 40 teenage burn survivors from across North America will attend the 18th International Burn Camp September 21-28 in the Nation’s Capital. The week-long program provides a unique support system for these young burn survivors.

No one understands better than the fire fighters who serve as camp counselors that burns leave scars that last a lifetime and emotional wounds that can take years to heal. The International burn camp gives these youngsters an opportunity to be together in a nurturing environment of understanding and shared experience.

Campers will spend the week touring the Washington, DC monuments, memorials and museums and are given the opportunity to meet national leaders and local fire fighters. They will spend the night at Camp Wabanna in Edgewater, Maryland, where they will take part in team building and peer support activities.

Follow updates from the camp and see the activities experienced by campers.

Each year, the IAFF Charitable Foundation selects young burn survivors ages 13-15 and professional fire fighters/camp counselors from regional burn camps across the United States and Canada to attend the camp, which is funded by donations from the Foundation and run by professional fire fighters who donate their time to help create a better quality of life for kids affected by burn trauma. To make a donation to the IAFF Charitable Foundation Burn Fund. visit: http://www.iafffoundation.org/causes/burn-fund

Each year, more than 500,000 people suffer from burn injuries. The most common burns are scald burns. The IAFF Burn Fund helps to raise awareness about burn safety and funds for burn research.

The IAFF Burn Fund has successfully distributed more than $2.5 million in funding for burn research through its research grant program.