The IAFF and its affiliates continue to educate our members on cancer awareness and the reduction of exposure risks. Numerous fire fighter cancer studies, including the NIOSH study, show that the occupation of firefighting has a higher rate of certain cancers than the general population. The IAFF’s online Cancer Awareness and Prevention course IAFF Online Cancer Awareness Course and the Partnership Education Program’s Cancer Awareness and Prevention course are designed to help members avoid and decrease individual risk factors for cancer.Additionally, locals and state associations provide education. One very successful program is the Healthy In, Healthy Out program by the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters. The efforts of Washington state IAFF members fighting cancer is being recognized in the labor movement. Healthy In, Healthy Out, a best practices manual for reducing fire fighter risk of exposure to cancer is featured in the Northwest Labor Press (news for working people). The manual takes fire fighters through the many stages, including: finance, command, planning and more – to help improve cancer prevention.The manual is available on the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters website.You can also view the accompanying video released in 2016.