The spotlight continues to grow on the billionaire Koch Brothers and their negative influence on American democracy.

Recently, Rolling Stone published a list of ways the Koch Brothers are “sticking it” to America, and it includes trying to break unions.

Though the magazine’s headline is a bit of a misnomer describing the Koch Brothers’ efforts to break unions as new – the IAFF and fire fighters everywhere know unions and workers have been battling the extreme ideology of the rich for years.

The brothers, David and Charles, who are enemies to workers everywhere, don’t want workers to have a voice in the workplace. They don’t want workers to bargain collectively for wages, benefits or their safety. Just look at their efforts in Wisconsin to fund Governor Scott Walker’s political campaigns to help protect a deeply unpopular anti-collective bargaining law that still divides the state after it was rammed through the state legislature three years ago.

The Koch Brothers don’t stop there on their mission to “stick it” to workers.

As state courts across the nation handle numerous pension “reform” disputes, the Koch Brothers sponsored a conference for judges who specialize in pension issues and who may decide the outcome of cases.

Florida public workers suspect the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC is financially supported by the Koch Brothers) was behind last year’s pension reform debate to close the Florida Retirement System (FRS) to new employees and move them into 401(K)-type plans.

The Koch Brothers seek more power and want control over workers leaving them less financially secure.  They are able to coordinate a well-funded attack funneling money through think tanks and foundations – such as Americans for Prosperity – to push their anti-union policies.

The Koch Brothers are on a crusade to create an ultra, ultra-rich class and a peasant class. This makes the Koch Brothers bad for America.