The fight is on-going in Arizona to stop several anti-labor bills.

A law that would have stripped collective bargaining from government workers appears to have stalled in the Senate.

State Arizona Republicans acknowledged they don’t have enough votes to pass the bill. The collective bargaining bills were written with the help of the Goldwater Institute. The group flew in union-busting Governor Scott Walker from Wisconsin for an event late last year. The bills would have taken away the rights of unions to negotiate at the bargaining table.

The Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona are working with other public employee groups to engage elected officials to rally support and it has made a huge difference in this legislative session.

Unions are still fighting a dues deduction bill. The bill would ban government employees from having dues automatically deducted from their paychecks. The measure would also affect health insurance and deferred compensation deductions.

Despite being informed that there are not enough votes in the caucus to pass the anti-union bills, Senate leadership is pressing ahead with plans to vote on SB1486.  This bill would outlaw the practice of union release time.  Release time is paid for by the members whereby they agree to less compensation in order pay for their union representation without being a burden to the tax payers.

Also on the agenda for today is SB1484 which will outlaw any third party deductions including dues, health insurance and deferred comp.