The IAFF continues to fight the outlandish political attacks on fire fighters’ benefits and pensions.

General President Harold Schaitberger appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews April 1. He told interviewer Chuck Todd that the IAFF supports any political candidate that supports fire fighter causes. You can watch the video below.

“Our principles have always been straightforward and that’s that we will support those in the elected field who support us,” Schaitberger said.

Members have been galvanized over the recent attacks against fire fighters and other public employees in New Hampshire, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

“Our members are going to push back and push back hard,” Schaitberger said.

In cities across the U.S., fire fighters have been doing their part making wage concessions with their local governments, he said.

Now it’s important for all IAFF locals to stay united and fight back against elected leaders who are unfairly attacking fire fighters and trying to silence their voices in the political process.

“This is not about budgets and deficits. This is a fraud,” said Schaitberger.
“This is about the right-wing of the GOP that sees an opportunity to make a power move to try to cripple our unions and take workers’ rights away. But what they are really doing is galvanizing our members.”

The IAFF is helping in the recall efforts in Wisconsin and the efforts underway to repeal Senate Bill 5 in Ohio.

You can help the IAFF in its fight to protect members by keep sending emails to your favorite political talk show hosts to help get our message out to as many people as we can.

You can stay up to date on how the IAFF is fighting back by visiting the Fighting Back web site.