It’s not easy being a public employee today as many of you continue to fight for your benefits and pensions.

While the US government searches for solutions to stabilize the economy, public employees keep getting hammered in the press for “greediness” over the pensions they receive.

Take this recent post on MSNBC’s Red Tape Chronicles that paints a bleak assessment for local and state governments going bankrupt by 2020.

What’s the cause of the impending doom? The costs associated with paying you the money you were promised for your retirement plans, the article says.

The challenge of reading this piece is that all public employees appear to be abusing the system and squandering tax payer money.

We read stories every day, of fire fighters fighting to earn a “decent wage and retirement.”

Several weeks ago, the Frontline Blog asked its readers to tell us what’s behind the pension backlash — some IAFF members said that too many fire fighters and police officers were caught off guard that anyone would question their worth and sacrifice to the community. Is it a fair assessment?

Union leaders said the public backlash stems from misconceptions and confusion.

How do union members form a counter attack to these portrayals of lavish pay outs? Do you think the attacks will fade now that the election season is over?