Opponents who want to attack the rights of workers aired this dud of an advertisement before the Super Bowl about restricting union power.

The anti-card check commercial aired in the Washington, DC market.

The narrator says in the 30 second spot:
“Today union lobbyists are demanding that most employees be forced to vote in public. The Employee Rights Act guarantees that your private vote will always be protected to avoid pressure from union organizers.”

The Center for Union Facts, a “so called watch dog group of unions” produced the ad. The center is led by Richard Berman, a Washington, DC public relations professional, who is known to work on media campaigns on the behalf of big corporations. His campaigns have ranged from everything from obesity, smoking to attacking public employee unions.

MSNBC has published a good summary of the advertisement and characterization here.

The commercial refers to pro union advocacy for legislation which would have made union certification in the workplace possible without a secret ballot vote.

Super Bowl Sunday had some great commercials, but this ad doesn’t fall in that category.