flag debate in Seminole, Florida, has ended after the fire chief announced fire vehicles will be flying American flags by the end of the week.

Fire Chief George Bessler told a Tampa publication that he received dozens of calls and emails from the around the country after a flag dispute went viral on Facebook.

Seminole fire fighters were at odds with a resident(s) over how flags are placed on fire trucks.

The flags weren’t placed in the manner set forth in the Flag Code, which states it should be “fixed firmly to the chassis or clamped to the right fender.”

A resident complained about the improper display and city administrators ordered the flags removed.

Fire fighters removed the flags, until someone recently placed a flag back on a fire vehicle. The resident complained again.

Someone described the situation on Facebook and it was reposted. As word spread through the social network, supporters of fire fighters decided to gather over the weekend, waving flags for an hour near a local fire station.

The fire chief says he’s glad fire fighters are being supported by the community on the issue and that the community is hearing about how to properly respect the flag, and that people are raising concerns.