The radical, right wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is feeling the heat of the spotlight.  The group announced Tuesday it would eliminate its public safety task force that helped to draft controversial legislation such as Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law.”

In addition, big corporations continue to abandon ALEC.  Blue Cross Blue Shield announced this week it would no longer remain a member of the organization since the group’s dangerous agenda has been getting more attention.

Founded in 1973, ALEC has more than 2,000 legislative members from all 50 states, more than 85 members of Congress, 14 sitting governors and more than 300 private sector members, and also counts the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity as members.

ALEC may be retreating, but  the war is still on. The group says it will now concentrate its efforts on economic matters. Those matters include: destroying public sector unions — putting a squeeze on the middle class; repealing minimum wage laws; requiring a super-majority to raise taxes; and repealing the capital gains taxes.

If you’re wondering why we continue to post stories about ALEC’s negative activities, here’s why we will keep shining a spotlight on ALEC and other groups just like it. ALEC writes and provides laws for state legislatures that attacks public employees and the unions that represent them. There is a war going on against public employees. If enough public employees don’t understand that groups like ALEC are attacking them, they’re only hurting themselves and their union brothers and sisters.

The IAFF is committed to fighting these vicious attacks and to keep members informed on the policies ALEC develops as it pertains to workers and the middle class.