With two engine closures, 29 jobs and 53 demotions on the line, Jacksonville Local 122 is monitoring the work of those engines and blasting emails like this to “… all elected politicians in the county… all local media… all local party heads… politicos… people who run for office… registered voters… area homeowners associations… neighborhood preservation societies…”  That’s not an exhaustive list, but you get the idea.

And it works.  City Hall has already backed up.  Closures were delayed.  And local sources report that it “didn’t hurt that we have 700 yard signs and 100 walking volunteers ready to go in the morning. And we are plastered all over the news. The newsletter creates media for us.”



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In the news for most of last week for its proposed closing by City Hall, Engine 14 is now making news for what it did Saturday, May 15th.  


Units from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department were dispatched to the 4500 block of Woolman Street for a report of a kitchen on fire.  Engine 14, under the command of Captain Willie Jones, arrived on scene in just 4 minutes to find smoke showing from the house.  The crew made a quick attack of the fire, stopping it in the kitchen before it could extend any further.


Damage to the house was contained to the the kitchen.  The house is repairable and the residents belongings were saved. 


2 Minute Response Saves Beaches Home  


On Friday May 14th, Units from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department received a call for a shed on fire in Neptune Beach at the intersection of 1st Street and Cherry. 


Dispatched at 5:11pm, Engine 55, under the command of Lieutenant Phil Nadeau, arrived on scene at 5:13pm to find a storage shed completely on fire.  Flames and intense heat from the chemicals in the storage shed were beginning to attach itself to the house next to it.  Engine 55 quickly attacked the fire, keeping it off the home and extinguishing the shed.


Response Times Do Matter

 Every single day, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department responds to incidents like the ones listed above. Not every single fire or emergency makes the news.


 “We would rather respond in under five minutes, extinguish a fire, and not make the news than be on the news for a big raging fire” states Randy Wyse, President of the Jacksonville Association of Fire Fighters.  “Taking fire engines out of service increases these response times and also increases the damage caused by fire.” 


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