Union-busting specials have been on the menu of too many governors this season.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed his draconian budget into law that includes big cuts to public services.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is at a loss for words over reports that he and his allies are discussing putting SB5 into multiple ballot questions to voters in the fall. (Watch this video at the 3:07 minute mark).

New Jersey public employees can’t catch a break from Governor Chris Christie who recently gloated that labor unions won’t get their way all the time.

These governors are trying to turn back the hands of time to keep public employees seen but not heard.

The AFL-CIO has produced these videos (in conjunction with Laughing Liberally) that parodies what the future will become as more employees fight to have their voices heard in the workplace.

The impact of losing the right to collectively bargain and keeping  health care affordable, coupled with governors trying to destroy the pensions our members have worked hard for will do more harm than good to families.

The IAFF will continue to fight against governors and legislatures that want to hurt our members and families financially.