We’ve said time and again that 2012 is a make or break year for America’s middle class.

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a list of the top 50 super PACs that includes some of America’s biggest spenders who are willing to shell out big bucks supporting presidential candidates who despise unions and are doing all they can to take your rights away in the work place.

One of these Super PACS is being led by noted political strategist Karl Rove and close advisor to former president George W. Bush.

Rove’s group, the American Crossroads, is set to spend $200 million on negative advertisements starting in May that will run through the summer attacking President Obama in hopes of boosting the image of the presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

As General President Harold Schaitberger told IAFF members attending the IAFF 2012 Legislative Conference, because of his unfriendly views and comments on labor, the IAFF will work to make sure the only view Romney has of the White House will be from a tourist bus.

But what’s even more troubling about this year’s election is how political benefactors can write unlimited amounts of checks to Super PACs without the pre-text of hiding behind policy-based campaigns.

The wealthiest Americans should not and cannot silence the voice of workers.

What are you willing to do to make your voice count?