The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) felt the heat of its critics as they protested the group’s annual convention in Chicago last week.

The Center for Media and Democracy has released a new report that identifies 466 ALEC “model bills” that were introduced in state houses across the country in 2013.
CMD finds 84 of these “model bills” were passed and put into law. The top ALEC states include West Virginia (which introduced 25 bills) and Missouri (introduced 21 bills).

ALEC, a Washington, DC-based politically ultra-conservative non-profit, thrives on operating in the shadows of American government to push anti-worker, anti-union legislation in state houses across the country.

At least 117 ALEC bills that hurt wages and the rights of workers – including “Right to Work” laws were introduced in 15 states this year.

ALEC is behind other state efforts to pre-empt local living or minimum wage ordinances and the privatization of public serves, and advocates change to defined benefit plans and other policies that undermine unions’ ability to organize.

In its 40th year, ALEC sponsors private meetings allowing state lawmakers and corporate executives to frame legislation that is later introduced in state legislatures.The laws tilt in the favor of big business. ALEC has pushed legislation that has been harmful to fire fighters’ rights to collectively bargain and has also proposed other anti-union policies.

Founded in 1973, ALEC supports free market principles and courts financial support from various foundations, including those controlled by the Koch Brothers.