The IAFF will welcome 600 fire fighters to its annual Alfred K. Whitehead Legislative Conference next week in Washington, DC, the cornerstone of all our legislative efforts.

It’s still early in 2012, but the IAFF has won significant legislative victories on Capitol Hill due largely to the relationships formed with elected officials. Those relationships helped the IAFF score a major victory when President Barack Obama signed a bill that transfers 10 megahertz broadband spectrum – D block – to be used solely by first responders in emergencies. In addition, the voices of fire fighters were heard when Houston Professional Fire Fighters Local 341 president Jeffrey Caynon testified (earlier this month) before the House Subcommittee on Homeland Security on the proposed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) budget.

The five-day legislative conference provides members an opportunity to strengthen these important relationships and to speak to members of Congress about policies and resources that are important to fire fighters.

Now is a crucial time for our union and all of labor. As the presidential elections approach in November, we must continue to evaluate who decides policy and how it will ultimately affect your jobs, economic security and safety.

With the conference a few days away, we need to get some information from you. If you have a meeting confirmed with your member of Congress, please email Jane Blume, IAFF Director of Communication at [email protected] Subject line: legislative conference and please include in the body of the email the time and place of your meeting.

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