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Austin Fire Fighter Plans Cross-Country Ride for Prostate Cancer Awareness

August 17, 2010 – Austin, TX Local 975 fire fighter Bob Damron got some of the most shocking news of his life in April 2006: he had prostate cancer. Today, he is cancer-free and works to educate others about the disease. Next year – with the support of his fellow IAFF members and the IAFF Motorcycle Group (IAFF-MG) – he plans to ride his motorcycle across the country, visiting 343 fire stations in 49 of the 50 states.

“In many cases, prostate cancer is a treatable condition if caught early,” says Damron. “My ride is to raise awareness so that others will be encouraged to monitor their health, increasing the chance prostate or any other cancer will be caught in time.”

Beginning in April 2011, Damron plans to make stops in every state except Hawaii. Along the way, he will visit 343 fire stations, participate in IAFF-MG events and trade wellness information with fellow fire fighters.

“My hope is that fire fighters will take the information that I give them and inform others about prostate cancer and how it is diagnosed and treated,” he says. “It is all about saving and prolonging life.”

Damron is still in the planning stages of his trip, but will soon launch a web site with maps and other information.

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