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Blanket Bond Coverage

The IAFF has a master bonding plan to provide protection of funds of local unions, state and provincial associations. Under this plan each officer and employee of all affiliated local unions, state and provincial associations are bonded in the base amount of $5,000. The premium for the bond is paid by the IAFF.

The Blanket Bond covers loss of funds or other property sustained through the failure of employees or officers, acting alone or in collusion with others, to discharge their duties in handling funds or other property of the local or affiliate as prescribed by law, or by the Constitution and By-Laws, or governing body of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

For locals and affiliates subject to the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, the required minimum bond limit is 10% of funds handled. For those not subject to the Act, the recommended minimum limit is also 10% of funds handled. This is determined by liquid assets on hand at the end of the prior fiscal or calendar year plus the amount of income received during the fiscal or calendar year.

Sample Bonding Formula

Liquid Assets: $30,000
Dues, Rental Income, etc. $70,000
Funds Handled: $100,000

In this example, the minimum required or recommended bond amount of 10% would be $10,000.

While 10% is the minimum recommended limit, it is prudent for locals and affiliates to consider a bond limit equal to the total amount of funds handled. Limits up to $500,000 are available and may be purchased by each Bond participant. Three year premiums for increased bond limits are shown on the rate schedule page.

It is important to note this bond is not intended to cover union financed Pension or Welfare plans, or other separate trusteed fringe benefit plans such as Vacation Funds, Apprenticeship and Training Funds or Supplemental Unemployment Benefits. Plans like these can be subject to Federal ERISA law and require a separate bond for compliance. ERISA Bonds are available and can be placed individually for locals or affiliates to meet their requirements.

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