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Union Sportsmen's Alliance Set to Launch 

The IAFF -- along with other AFL-CIO labor union partners -- has joined the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) in paving the launch of the Union Sportsmen's Alliance (USA), a dues-based, union dedicated sporting club.

Union Sportsmen

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership has partnered with VERSUS Television to produce two outdoor television shows that showcase union members and their passion for the outdoors:

Founded in the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt, TRCP is focused on conserving, maintaining and enhancing access to land and water available for enjoying hunting, fishing, shooting and other outdoor sports. The goal of the USA is to create an outdoor hunting and fishing club exclusively for union members and their families with the purpose of actively engaging union sportsmen and women in the ongoing fight to maintain access to public land and water so members can enjoy the outdoors in their time off and to extend union members' benefits beyond the workplace into the woods and onto the water.

More than 70 percent of IAFF members enjoy hunting, fishing and shooting and other outdoor activities, and the partnership with TRCP allows the IAFF to unite union men and women who share this common interest. "For many IAFF members, hunting and fishing isn't just what they do in their free time," says IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger. "It's part of who they are. We're proud to offer a program to help our hardworking men and women enjoy the activities they're passionate about."

The USA will recruit and engage tens of thousands of union sportsmen and women, adding strength and influence to TRCP's efforts to guarantee access for hunters and anglers, conserve fish and wildlife habitat and increase funding for conservation. "Millions more are about to join the fight to guarantee all Americans a place to hunt and fish," says Matthew B. Connelly Jr., president and CEO of TRCP.

Tom Buffenbarger, president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and a TRCP board member, says, "Quality places to hunt and fish are disappearing -- threatening America's sporting heritage. The USA will help turn the tide by unifying union sportsmen and women to form a strong voice of influence."

The vision for this one-of-its-kind alliance is to generate an influx of new people to the cause of land conservation. The IAFF adopted a resolution at its 48th Biennial Convention in August 2006 to pursue and promote this Union Sportsmen's Alliance. "This alliance is about connecting with our members, and doing good conservation work," says President Schaitberger. The member-driven union-based community of outdoors men and women will be connected through the sportsmen's club concept using a multimedia approach that combines print, Internet, television and continuity buying programs to offer information and discounts on outdoor and sporting equipment.

The USA is open to all IAFF members. Information on joining -- including how to become a charter member -- will be sent to IAFF members in the coming months.


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