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Labor Issues and Collective Bargaining Department

This department provides labor relations assistance related to collective bargaining including financial analysis, wage comparables, collective bargaining agreement analysis, and technical assistance for negotiation and arbitration.  Additionally, the staff is trained to answer questions regarding the Fair Labor Standards Act, employee health and pension benefits, and conduct analysis of collective bargaining agreements.

The department houses local affiliate collective bargaining agreements and after being analyzed, the data is used to update the IAFF databases used in preparing many customized and technical assistance projects by this Department. The department also houses 80% of the IAFF publications made available to local affiliates.

The following links detail the information and services that the LI/CB department provides:

NEW! Planning for Your Health Care


Contract and Wage Information


Municipal Financial Analysis


Pension and Health Care Benefits


Current Events and Resources


Labor Issues and Collective Bargaining Document Library

The Labor Issues and Collective Bargaining Department is led by:
Kelley Lopez, Director,  Phone: (202) 824-1553

Kelley Lopez is assisted by

Research Analysts
Brian McKenzie
Michela Cirioni
Sara Smothers

Venessa Ramirez






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