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Get Political

Political action is critical to helping ensure that fire fighter-friendly candidates are elected to public office. Every year, new campaigns and elections are held at the local, state and federal level – giving IAFF locals the opportunity to get politically active and make a difference.

As fire fighters, you are leaders in your communities who serve the public during their time of need. However, you are also active within your community as civic leaders and activists. Because of this, you have a unique opportunity through political action to make a difference in the electoral process. Through political action you can work to help elect public officials who will not only best serve fire departments but entire communities.

To be effective, it is critical that you work with your fellow IAFF brothers and sisters to put together a campaign plan. Regardless if what resources you have at your disposal, there is an opportunity for you and your local to get involved and make a difference.  

The IAFF can be a resource to locals and members  beginning the process of becoming politically active or for those that are political veterans. FIREPAC also offers assistance to those members and/or member’s family who have decided to run for public office. Additionally, the IAFF Political Action Department holds an annual Political Training Academy that educates members on how to develop their skills as effective local political activists, campaign managers and candidates. 

The IAFF encourages you to review this information and contact us with any questions or for assistance. Call (202) 824-1582 or email politics@iaff.org

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Tip O’Neil once said, “All politics is local.” Take the time to get involved and make a difference by electing candidates who understand the issues important to fire fighters and first responders in your community. 


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