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What is FIREPAC?

FIREPAC is the IAFF’s federal political action committee (PAC) and an integral part of the IAFF's efforts to promote the legislative and political interests of all professional fire fighters and paramedics at the federal level. FIREPAC’s mission is to educate Members of Congress about issues important to fire fighters and emergency medical personnel and to help elect candidates to office who support those issues.

Since its creation over three decades ago, FIREPAC has raised and contributed more than $16 million to federal candidates and their campaigns either through direct contributions or through independent expenditures efforts in support of pro-IAFF candidates.

During the 2011-2012 election cycle, FIREPAC hit a number of impressive milestones:

 Raised over $5.8 million, an all time high for a two-year election cycle;

 Placed in the top half of 1% of the more than 6,464 federal PACs in the country in total dollars raised;

 Was the 21st largest PAC in terms of contributions to federal candidates;

 Ranked 7th in terms of all labor union contributions to federal candidates; and

 Ranked 3rd among all unions in terms of contributions to Republican candidates and ranked 10th among Democrats.

Although not every candidate who receives a FIREPAC contribution wins their election, every FIREPAC-supported candidate stands strongly in support of issues important to fire fighters and emergency medical personnel.   

FIREPAC’s philosophy is simple: if an incumbent or candidate supports the IAFF on its legislative priorities, FIREPAC will support him or her – regardless of political affiliation.  The only label that matters is whether or not they are pro-fire fighter.

As a federally registered PAC, FIREPAC must rely solely on personal, voluntary contributions from IAFF members, spouses and immediate family members. Federal election law also prohibits the use of union dues money for the purposes of making contributions to federal candidates or attempting to influence the general public in a federal race.


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