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How is My Contribution Used?

Your FIREPAC contribution allows the IAFF to educate Members of Congress about issues important to your profession as fire fighters and emergency medical personnel and to help elect candidates to office who support those issues. For those incumbents or candidates who are supportive of the IAFF’s legislative agenda, FIREPAC will make a contribution to their campaign.

During the 2009-2010 election cycle, FIREPAC contributed $4.4 million to 368 pro-IAFF candidates running for Congress across the country. While many candidates solicit FIREPAC for a contribution, not all are successful in receiving its support.


To be eligible to receive a FIREPAC contribution, candidates must meet specific criteria. For incumbents, FIREPAC reviews voting records on IAFF issues as well as other actions elected officials take, such as co-sponsoring legislation and working behind the scenes with the IAFF to pass legislation critical to our members.  The IAFF also weighs the difficulty of the race and surveys the level of participation by IAFF locals in the campaign.  

Challengers must complete a candidate questionnaire detailing their positions on a number of key IAFF legislative issues. FIREPAC will also meet with the candidate to discuss the race and his or her commitment to the IAFF’s legislative agenda. The IAFF also encourages candidates to reach out to IAFF locals in their jurisdiction to seek support for their candidacy.  In addition, FIREPAC assesses polling data, the candidate’s viability, the level of support from IAFF locals and, if applicable, the candidate’s past voting record on IAFF issues at the state or local level.


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