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FIREPAC Check-Off Program

The FIREPAC Check-Off program is a voluntary payroll deduction plan that allows IAFF members to make individual contributions to FIREPAC. The convenience of a Check-Off program allows members to spread their contributions over the course of a calendar year, easing the burden of making a one-time contribution.

Because deductions are spread over a year, it also affords members the opportunity to contribute at a higher level. Each individual determines the amount that will automatically be deducted from his or her paycheck and forwarded to FIREPAC, and can even choose to check-off an amount that allows them to join of one of FIREPAC's six membership clubs.

Membership Clubs

Chairman's Council

Leadership Trust

Founder's Circle

President's Club

Capitol Club

FIREPAC Supporter

Amount Per Pay Period        Annual Total

$31.25 (x 24 pay periods) = $750.00

$20.84 (x 24 pay periods) = $500.16

$8.34   (x 24 pay periods) = $200.16

$4.17   (x 24 pay periods) = $100.08

$2.09   (x 24 pay periods) = $50.16

$1.05   (x 24 pay periods) = $25.20






Before an IAFF member can contribute to FIREPAC via check-off, the local must first have an established Check-Off program with its employer. Locals interested in participating in a FIREPAC Check-Off program should consult their local president or secretary-treasurer and encourage your local membership to start one today.


      Total Number of Locals Participating in the Check-Off Program



Start a FIREPAC Check-Off Program in Your Local Today! (pdf)

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